Turn to THG For Comprehensive Call Center Solutions

THG is dedicated to maximizing business efficiency while minimizing costs and growing client networks. We work to ensure the success of our clients worldwide, providing strategic telemarketing services suited to their every need.

You can trust us for business pipeline solutions that span everything from setting customer appointments to selling insurance products, and much more.

Our Expertise

Telemarketing is a multifaceted solution that works across all verticals, including both internal customer-facing aspects. We integrate telesales into your business model and outsource customer communications.

This way, we can conveniently take care of all your sales, marketing, and customer care needs.

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Our staff and management teams specialize in inbound and outbound client contact. Each individual leverages more than 18 years of industry experience to handle all volumes of sales calls and online engagements.


We offer the services of flexible and highly dedicated professionals who can address the needs of your company and your customers.

Our goal is to deliver a personalized approach to outsourcing sales and marketing solutions. This entails thoroughly improving customer experience and support. We also gather relevant market data through the use of surveys and polls.

Sales Support Solutions

Consumer attention spans are getting shorter in the digital world. For brands, there is a constant challenge of standing out in a highly crowded and competitive market. Marketing and sales efforts, therefore, have to be driven concurrently to achieve desired business goals. Pre-sales efforts help businesses identify customer pain points and provide them with plausible solutions. Activities such as telemarketing and lead generation calls help establish a connection between a brand and a prospective customer. Efforts such as cold calling help discover new customers and position a brand in the mind of the customer.

Lead Generation

An advanced approach to lead generation and lead qualification is the key to growth. That is why we have developed our expertise to drive growth across various spheres including the following:

  • Business and Home Services

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Insurance

Rest easy knowing we apply the most effective strategies to turn all your customer calls and engagements into revenue.

Business Process Outsourcing

We don’t just complement in-­house efficiency—we supplement them. That is why we also offer internal business solutions apart from outsourced customer­-facing services. These include services such as the following:

  • Data Entry

  • Data Hygiene

  • Other Administrative Responsibilities

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Quality of Service

Our client awards and impressive reputation reflect our commitment to quality service. We also leverage our wide-ranging expertise and goal-focused service approach to ensure quality outcomes for each customer.

Rest assured knowing you can trust us to help you reach your benchmarks, meet your ROI, and fully succeed.

Work With Telemarketing Experts

For more information on how our services can benefit you and your company, reach out to our friendly staff.